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Kyle Deutsch Drops New SA20 Sporting Anthem ‘Never Over’

He’s back! Kyle Deutsch returns with brand-new music as he premieres his new single ‘Never Over’ – an inspiring sporting anthem that speaks to the heart of Durban’s Super Giants and their diverse roots while maintaining an emotive grounding in Durban’s vibrant music culture.

Immersing himself in Durban culture to fully understand the impact music has on the people in our local community, Deutsch has shaped his song writing to speak to the hearts and minds of each listener – which lives through ‘Never Over’ being a powerful anthem for fighting to win, never giving up and working together.

With players from all parts of the world, from Sri Lanka to the West Indies, the diversity of Durban’s Super Giants is an element that Deutsch has focused on in his new single which he hopes will inspire the team and the fans of Durban’s Betway SA20 franchise.

Born and raised in Durban, he is a committed driver of South Africa’s rich heritage and aims to celebrate cultural diversity. His music is crafted to encourage unity in diversity, bond people from all walks of life and to let the music move each and every person it touches. ‘Never Over’ is the natural progression of this grounding and is designed to empower Durban’s Super Giants players and fans to strive for victory, stand together and let our strengths bind us.

Kyle Deutsch on the project: “This was never the plan for January ‘23, but 2 weeks ago I received a surprise call from the Super Giants and here we are. It’s been an unbelievable process and we are super proud of the anthem we’ve created in this time. I am truly honoured to be a part of the ‘Super Giants’ family worldwide & performing this once we win the tournament, will be a dream”

Listen to ‘Never Over’ below and read more music news here.


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