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KFC #AddHope At Sandton City

It’s really easy to focus on the negative. In everything in life. But it’s also important to see, search for and find the good as well. KFC went through some very public scandals recently which landed them in hot water and have since apologized for the debacle. Taking that into consideration, it’s also important to note that KFC do some real good as well in the form of their #AddHope campaign which they have been running for the past few years. This is funded by us, the public. When ordering at the fast food joint, we are asked if we would like to donate R2 to their campaign. I’ve said ‘no’ countless times, but after their launch yesterday, I will never decline again. This campaign is so great that KFC, along with their 103 beneficiaries, feed over 100 000 children DAILY!

Today is World Hunger Day. A day which highlights the fact that those experiencing hunger lack the focus to be educated, gain skills, and are without the basic health requirements for growth. To create awareness, KFC launched a life-sized Add Hope Bowl of Hope at Sandton City’s Checkers Court. Over a period of four days, from 28 May to 31 May, the giant-sized Add Hope Bowl of Hope will be showcased to allow South Africans an opportunity to actively participate in adding hope and making a difference, by donating their R2 and making a wish of hope for the 100 000 children Add Hope feeds.

“Overcoming hunger requires deliberate and sustained interventions, one meal at a time. At KFC, we truly believe that every day should include a nutritious meal to nourish and support a child’s development. We have been committed to the plight of hunger since launching our Add Hope initiative in 2009. Over the past six years, KFC Add Hope has raised a total of R263 million to feed children nutritious meals every day. In 2014, customer and restaurant donations amounted to almost R54 million. Customers contributed R31 million and KFC’s restaurant donations amounted to R23 million” says Mike Middleton, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC Africa.

Supporting the awareness of World Hunger Day, with a specific focus on children in South Africa sits at the heart of KFC. Mkhwanazi continues, “Add Hope knows the importance of nutrition and growing healthy bodies, feeding children across the country daily with 100 beneficiaries countrywide including 11 national beneficiaries. Beneficiaries including childhood development organisations, children’s homes and school feeding programmes are added every year, giving children balanced and nutritious meals so they can grow, learn and thrive.”

Do the right thing and visit Sandton City over the next few days and do your bit for child hunger and malnutrition. Last night, some media and members of particular beneficiaries attended the unveiling of the Add Hope Bowl which saw its first bunch of R2 coins being thrown in. The goal is to raise as much money as possible for this brilliant cause. See you at Sandton City this weekend!

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