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Kerwin And Wax Beach Join Forces For ‘Bet’

Wax Beach are at it again! The production duo are back with a brand-new single and this time, they’ve tapped local R&B star Kerwin who shows off his smooth vocals on their new track ‘Bet’.

This is not the first time Wax Beach and Kerwin have worked together. The duo first worked together on 2020’s chart topping hit ‘By My Side’. The track’s success sparked an idea for a follow-up single – and the three jumped at the opportunity to work together again.

‘Bet’ is described as a spacey pop track that has elements reminiscent of songs such as ‘Psycho’ by Post Malone or ‘Anyone’ by Justin Bieber. As is generally the process, Wax Beach focused on the instrumental while Kerwin took care of the vocal melodies and lyrics.

“Funny enough when myself and Wax Beach sat down for the first time and they played me a couple of beats, it was a real decider between two beats,” Kerwin says of the recording process. “Eventually I chose one of them which ended up being ‘By My Side’ and now we are releasing ‘Bet’. Needless to say I’ve always liked this beat and writing to it was really fun. There’s a chemistry that I have with Wax Beach that can only grow and I’m really excited for everyone to hear and enjoy the track””

Tiaan of Wax Beach shares that writing the song during lockdown came with its own set of challenges.“2020 was a very difficult year not only for Wax Beach but the music industry as a whole. With such a strong focus on collaboration and in-person writing sessions, only being able to work remotely really affected our productivity and presented a number of challenges. To me, the release of this track symbolises us overcoming these challenges and that makes it very special.”

Listen to ‘Bet’ here:


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