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Jonas Blue – Fast Car (Feat. Dakota)

British producer, Jonas Blue, may be a name you are unfamiliar with at the moment, but after hearing his new single, you’ll be hooked. The producer has teamed up with singer Dakota for a reimagined version of Tracy Chapman’s smash hit Fast Car and we can’t take this song off repeat!

The 21-year-old has stripped the song from its signature string sound and has opted for a tropical house sound – probably the most popular sound in music at the moment. Jonas Blue’s take on the track is so different to any Fast Car covers we have heard so it’s no wonder that the track is starting to climb up charts all around the world.

We’re not the biggest fan of artists releasing covers as singles, however, Jonas Blue gave this song a new life. Dakota also does the song justice with her vocal skills, however, it’s the production that steals the show on this track. We love artists to hear inspiration and use it to develop something completely unique – and Jonas Blue has done just that with his debut single. There’s no doubt this will be a summer smash!

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