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Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angels Fuels Aniya Holder’s Olympic Dream with R100,000 Sponsorship

Jacaranda FM’s heart-warming initiative, Good Morning Angels, is once-again, changing lives, this time making a significant impact on the South African sports scene. In an inspiring act of support, Good Morning Angels and Everest Wealth have committed to sponsoring young athletic sensation, Aniya Holder, with a substantial sum of R100,000. This generous sponsorship aims to cover her training and competition expenses as she prepares to represent South Africa at the Olympic Games in Paris.

22-year-old Aniya Holder, hailing from Gqeberha, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the world of speed climbing. Demonstrating remarkable prowess, Aniya has the ability to ascend a 15-meter wall in an astonishing 11.33 seconds. Despite facing setbacks with injuries in recent years, her resilience and determination have only fuelled her ambition further, leading her to qualify for the Olympic Games last December.

Training in her hometown, Aniya’s dedication extends beyond her athletic endeavours. Working at a local Bouldering Gym, she juggles roles as a route setter, coach, and hold shaper while nurturing her artistic talents. The journey to the Olympics, however, presents significant financial challenges, including the necessity for frequent travel to Johannesburg to train on the only Olympic standard wall in South Africa.

Everest Wealth, expressing their admiration for Aniya’s commitment and talent, has voiced their support, highlighting her extraordinary efforts to practice and fundraise for her Olympic journey. Recognising the significance of her representing South Africa on a global stage, Everest Wealth reached out to Jacaranda FM to assist Aniya in her pursuit of Olympic glory.

Understanding the hurdles Aniya faces, Everest Wealth has stepped in and will not only sponsor her flights to and from Johannesburg for essential training sessions but will also cover her international travel to Paris and provide spending money, ensuring that Aniya can focus entirely on her Olympic dream.

“Aniya Holder recently achieved a significant milestone by qualifying for this year’s Olympic Games in Paris. We have learned that Aniya regularly travels by bus from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg to come and practice, as it is the only wall in South Africa that meets Olympic standards. She also held a fundraising campaign to contribute to the costs of her participation in the Olympic Games, as she must cover most of the expenses herself, including her flight tickets to and from Paris,” says Everest Wealth’s Lundi Coetzee.

“We, as Everest Wealth, would like to fully support Aniya by covering all her expenses for the Olympic Games, as well as purchasing her plane tickets to Johannesburg before the Olympic Games, so that she does not have to take the bus to come and practice.”

Aniya’s story is a testament to the power of community support in realising the dreams of young athletes. Jacaranda FM invites the nation to rally behind Aniya Holder as she prepares to make her mark at the Olympic Games and bring pride to South Africa.


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