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Iggy Azalea – Team


She’s back! After taking a few months off to write and record new music, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea returns with a brand new single. Team will serve as the lead single off Iggy’s upcoming album Digital Distortion and is the perfect reintroduction to the rapper. The album drops in June and we think Team is the perfect introduction to the record.

Much like Nicki Minaj does with her rap, this single caters to both urban and pop audiences. Iggy’s rap is fantastic. Not only does the song have a lot of attitude but it’s written cleverly as well. The chorus is also catchy enough for pop audiences to sing along. It’s that which helps her stand out because, honestly, Iggy isn’t the best of rappers. That being said, the track is a hit. The production is fire and it doesn’t take one long to fall in love with this song.

Iggy made sure that the album’s lead single is hot after many rappers and fans of hip-hop undermined her credibility. “My first single has no feature on it which was my number one goal, to try to achieve a song which was strong without needing somebody else to sing it,” she said. “It was good to get back to doing a song where I only had to consider myself when creating.” If this is an indication of what’s to come, Iggy’s new album will be miles better than her mediocre debut.

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