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The Graeme Watkins Project – Love In Abundance

GWP Love In Abundance

It’s been close to three years since The Graeme Watkins Project dropped their second studio album Soldier On and after keeping us waiting for years, the band is back with the first taste off their upcoming third album. Love In Abundance serves as the band’s comeback single and shows off a cleaner, more modern sound to the band – and it’s made me even more excited about their new music.

Although the song has the signature Graeme Watkins Project sound the band has explored with throughout their career, the song has more rock and pop elements blended into it which, in fact, makes the song incredibly unique. Vocally, Graeme delivers yet another stellar performance despite the fact that the vocals sound rather distorted. The lyrical content is some of the best we’ve seen from the band which also goes to show that they have really been working on their craft during their years of absence. The one thing that really makes the song stand out, however, is the epic guitar riff and it’s one I’m sure many will have stuck in their head.

Naturally, a kick-ass track needs a kick-ass video – and the boys delivered. They recorded a simple yet effective video which again proves just how serious they are about their new music. The band does not currently have plans to release a full album and will follow trend of releasing their music on a single-by-single basis. While I’m not thrilled about this, I do know that it is a method that works for many artists. Please remember to support our local artists by buying their music on iTunes.

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