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GOODLUCK – Thinking About You

Goodluck Thinking About You

Local electronic act GOODLUCK are constantly pushing boundaries. Their previous single ‘Back In The Way’ with De Hofnar became a huge success and was even released on Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Music and now, the group’s new single ‘Thinking About You’ is headed for similar success. The track serves as the second taste of their upcoming third studio album.

The song is a cover of Londonbeat’s ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’ and is the first time the group has released a cover as a single. As expected, GOODLUCK made the song their own, giving it a deep house spin. The track also has elements of tropical house which is a major trend in the dance world at the moment. Vocally, Jules gives a warm, comforting performance that fits the overall theme of the song. The song unlike anything we have heard from the group before but still has their essence all over it showing the country that there are still more sides of GOODLUCK we are yet to see.

The group dropped the video to the song today and it’s all sorts of amazing. The beautifully shot video tells of a “love story that doesn’t get told too often” – a story between two men. “We have all had wonderful people who we connect with and then, for some reason, had to leave quite suddenly, and you are left to recollect the memories of everything you did together,” the group says about the inspiration for the video. “The video for Thinking About You tells a story of a man who has lost his soul mate and is now recounting every moment they spent together. It’s a very real and beautiful love story and a story of love lost and we are super proud of how it turned out.” Remember to support local music and buy this song on iTunes today.

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  1. Great article.

    You know how much I love Jules and the team that make up this outstanding South African band!

    Love the new tracks and love the vibe they’re sending out in 2016, just brilliance showcasing.

    Also loving your site, be sure to check out mine as well and keep updated.


    • Hey Ceece!

      Aaaah. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, this video really is something special.

      Will give your site a look right now 🙂



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