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Four – Share Your Love

We supported them all the way through The X Factor South Africa and after becoming the winners of the show’s first season, Steven Lewis, Jethro Tait and David Januari (otherwise known as Four) dropped their debut single ‘I Do’ which did moderately well. Now, after months in the studio, the band has finally given us a taste of their debut album with the album’s lead single ‘Share Your Love’.

Four made it known that they want to add African house elements to pop music and it’s very evident in the new single. The track, produced by Oskido, puts the boys on the map. The guitar riff reminds us a lot of something Beatenberg would release, however, with that catchy melody and clean vocals on the verses , we can’t help but jam along to the song. The chorus, however, lets the song down in a big way. It’s way too repetitive and lacks that punch that a good pop song needs to stand out of the crowd these days.

That being said, we love the direction the band has taken on this single. The show proved that the boys are willing to work hard on their music and their sound and we hope to hear a lot more unique music from them in the future. Remember to support local music and buy the song off iTunes.–dN55Y

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