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Ford Launch New Focus In PE

Earlier this week, Ford South Africa invited some bloggers and celebrities (such as Maps Maponyane, Lee-Roy Wright, Nicole Flint, Danine Naidoo, K Naomi, Tamerine Jardine and Jay Anstey) to Port Elizabeth to test drive the brand new Ford Focus – the world’s best-selling car. The launch was just to get a feel of the new 1 and 1.5 litres and show off the impressive new additions the company has added to it’s already impressive car.

After an early morning flight we arrived in PE and immediately set out to see the cars. Before getting the chance to drive them, the team showed off it’s fantastic new voice control and bluetooth sets which make driving the car easier than ever. Then, Ford showed us something incredible – the fact that the car can literally park itself. Sure, I was also sceptical when I first heard of this but it works! Obviously, you wouldn’t let the car do this blindly but the steering wheel turns itself and sensors on the front and the back of the car position the car into the parking spaces. It was really quite remarkable. I don’t know how much I would trust this feature, but damn, I wish my car had it.

We then paired up and were able to drive the car to Padlangs where we would be having lunch. We drove the 1 litre on the way there and man, what a stunning car. The car travels so smoothly and packs quite a punch for a 1 litre – something you would need to test drive to feel.

The view was amazing and, joined by our book of directions, we were on our way. Naturally, a road trip isnt a road trip without some sing-a-long tunes and beautiful scenery. If you live in tha area of South Africa you will know what I’m talking about. After about an hour and a half we arrived at Padlangs and had a fantastic meal at a farm stall cafe. After some homemade chicken pies, slap chips and milkshakes we were on our way back.

This time around we took a route that was closer to Jeffery’s Bay and Van Staden’s bridge. It was magnificent. Routes like these really helps one appreciate the natural beauty we have in our country. We drove the 1.5 on the way home and man, does that thing have power. It made the drive feel more relaxed and enjoyable and that’s really what one wants when looking for a new car.

After checking in to the hotel, we were briefed on all the specs of the car. I would regurgitate them into the post, however, it is clearer and simpler on Ford’s website. Should you be interested in checking these out, click here.

That evening we were treated to a boat party where we dined in luxury before jamming to the incredible music supplied by 5FM’s Fix Moeti – and what a perfect way to end the day.

The new Ford Focus has so many extra features and comes in at just under R220 000 without add ons. That is a really reasonable price for a car of this calibre. That being said, no blog post or advert can convince you of its brilliance like a test drive does so make sure you go to your nearest Ford dealership today and take it for a spin. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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