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EXCLUSIVE: Ella Mai Dishes On Her Brand-New Pandora Me Collaboration

English pop sensation Ella Mai has made a name for herself thanks to her rich vocal and deep, emotional storytelling abilities. From her humble beginnings on The X Factor to being responsible for hits like ‘Trip’, ‘Boo’d Up’, ‘DFMU’ and ‘How’, Ella’s star continues to rise. She dropped her latest album ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ in May this year and has just been tapped for an exciting campaign with jewellery brand Pandora with their Pandora Me collection.

Pandora has launched a new collection for their Pandora Me range, designed to capture the power of individuality and self-expression, the Pandora Me collection inspires its wearer to let the jewellery do the talking. Pandora has teamed with inspirational artist Barbie Ferreira, Evan Mock, Gracie Abrams and Ella Mai to present the new pieces for this Pandora Me collection making a new chapter for self-expression.

We get up close with the star as she opens up about this exciting new collaboration.

What does it mean to you to be part of this collective?

For me personally, to be a part of the Pandora ME collective is just another way to express myself. Usually, I express myself through song writing and through song, obviously, but through jewellery I get to change up colours, I get to put on a ring or put on a bracelet, or a necklace or earrings. There’s a lot more I can do to kind of express myself differently with different outfits.

How do you use jewellery as a mode of self-expression?

I use jewellery to express myself in many different ways. I think, depending on what I’m wearing or whatever colours I’m wearing, depends on how much jewellery I want to put on, or how little jewellery I want to put on. But it always just adds to the outfit and creates a new little element to give me a little zhuzh.

What inspires you in your song writing?

When I song write I think I get inspiration from any and everywhere. A lot of the time, my inspiration comes subconsciously. I don’t even realise that something I saw or something that I went through really is a reason why I’m writing a song – until after something is done and I’m like, “Oh, wait. I do know where I got that from.” But I tend to take inspiration from any and everything: people, places in the world, nature, just anything, personal experiences. I just love to create.

How has your music or musical journey evolved throughout the year?

My musical journey and my music has evolved quite a lot in a short space of time, I would say. I’ve done a lot of things way quicker than I ever imagined and I’m just really, really grateful to be able to keep evolving as a person. But I think it’s really the people around me and the things that I get to experience that help me grow into a better artist and a better person.

How does your style differ from being on stage to your everyday look?

My everyday jewellery is very simple, as opposed to my stage jewellery, which can be very dressed up. And sometimes it’s simple, but I think depending on what I’m wearing or what the occasion is, we tend to go for more statement pieces when I’m on stage, as opposed to everyday when I like to just… be cute.

What is a message that you try to embody through your music that you find really important?

The most important message to me, I think, that I try and convey through my music is honesty. I grew up on a lot of music that I felt was always really raw, emotional and honest and I think that’s the best way to connect with anyone, or just any other human being. Whether that’s through song or whether that’s in life. So, I think honesty for me is really important – it’s scary, it’s definitely scary to be honest, but I think it’s the most important.


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