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Eric Saade – Colors


Swedish singer Eric Saade has been a superstar in his native country for a number of years. From his early days in a boy band to his solo career, Eric has seen much success in and around Scandinavia. Now, Eric is back with a bang with a new single, Colours, with which he hopes to spread his brand and sound to the rest of the world – and we love it!

The song, produced by State of Sound, is so different from the previous material we have heard from him and his growth shows extensively here. Although Eric has always been and will always be a pop star, this sound is more mature and is something incredibly current. The lyrics are still as cheesy as his older tracks, but the catchy hook and flawless production makes this a perfect pop song. The song is a bit dark and something different and we think it’s a great new direction for the singer.

Of the song, producers State of Sound said, “It was during the summer that he decided to make a new focus on the real Eric Saade , and not on the commercial pop star he was expected to live up to. I describe Colors as darkness; pop with a hint of indie. It’s contradictory because the single is called Colors. He has never opened up to now and it sounds at once. It does not sound like anything he’s done before.” The song will be your guilty pleasure in no time.

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