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Elvis Blue – The Tide


It’s been an exciting week for Idols South Africa winner, Elvis Blue. His latest Afrikaans album Êrens in die Middel van Nêrens took home the South African Music Award for Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album, a feat which sees him winning the prestigious award with every single album he released, and he has just made an epic comeback with his new English single The Tide.

The local pop space has changed drastically since Elvis dropped his previous English album Journey and Elvis has evolved with it. The song sees a side of Elvis we haven’t seen before. Elvis brings his signature pop elements to the song but adds a subtle deep house beat that makes the song sound super current. Lyrically, Elvis delivers another stellar performance and the fact that he can drop smash hits like this in both English and Afrikaans is impressive.

It’s always great seeing artists step outside of their comfort zones and taking risks and for Elvis, it really paid off this time. The track serves as the lead single off his upcoming English album Optics – one fans have been waiting with bated breath for. Elvis paired the song with a beautiful music video that brings the song full-circle. The song surprised me in the most wonderful way and I can’t wait to see what else Elvis has in store for us with this album. Remember to support local music by buying the song on iTunes today.

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