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Ellen DeGeneres And Adele Pranking Jamba Juice Staff Is The Best Thing Ever!

If you’re looking for some major lols and you love both Ellen DeGeneres and Adele then this clip is exactly what you need to be watching right now. Adele is finally doing promo again and, as we have come to expect from TV’s biggest host, Ellen DeGeneres took things to the next level as she got the biggest musician in the world to prank some innocent employees at a Jamba Juice store (sort of like a Kauai).

In the video, Adele enters a Jamba Juice and has an earpiece which lets Ellen tell her exactly what do say. Ellen makes Adele ask for strange things like ordering “a large in a small cup”, randomly cutting and eating wheatgrass, asking her to ask her assistant to brush her hair and pulling the “Do I have to pay for this? I’m a celebrity” line – all while Ellen laughs away in her ear. But stop reading this and watch the clip below – it’ll be one of the funniest things you will see today!

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