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DJ Vigilante – Pasop (Feat. K.O, Maggz, Moozlie, Ma-E & KiD X)

The local hip-hop scene is bigger than ever before and every local hip-hop song released impresses us more and more. DJ Vigilante dropped his new single ‘Pasop’ a few days ago and it features an array of artists from Cashtime namely Mr Cashtime himself K.O., Maggz, Moozlie, Ma-E and Kid X. The star-studded track has the everyone talking – and for good reason!

The track is beautifully produced with a simple hip-hop beat, allowing the raps to be the stars of the track. The chorus is powerful and catchy which is sure to become a huge hit in clubs all around South Africa over the next few weeks. We love how the track is a mixture of English and vernacular lyrics and how great each artists part is on this song.

MTV presenter, Moozlie, is impressing us more and more with every collaboration she appears on. We see huge potential in her and we can’t wait to hear her solo stuff real soon. We have been playing this track all day and we are so excited about the place local hip-hop is at. If you like this song, support the artists by buying it on iTunes now!

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