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DJ Arch Jnr Wins SA’s Got Talent!

How incredible! 3-year-old DJ Arch Jnr took the world by storm when he auditioned for the new season of SA’s Got Talent earlier this year and after weeks of wowing the judges and audience at home, the DJ was officially crowned the winner on the show’s epic season finale! With his impressive ear and banging tunes, the DJ took home an epic R500 000 prize which will reportedly be put into a trust fund to pay for his education and to improve his living conditions.

“We are just going to keep on doing, what we’re doing. He’s still young and there is still a lot that will happen as he grows and mature. For now, he’s still a kid and he’s just going to continue as he does. He goes to crèche and DJs because he loves it. Tomorrow is another day.” his father, Glenn, said moments after he stepped off stage.

Although DJ Arch Jnr’s DJing is impressive, other DJs have come forward saying that the star didn’t deserve the win due to his lack of beat matching and mixing. “This is an insult to every other DJ that’s been working their balls off trying to make it in this industry,” says one disgruntled DJ on Facebook. “Is this kid talented? Sure. Without a doubt the best 3-year-old DJ around but he is nowhere near worthy/ready or deserving of winning a huge competition like this.” Another says “It makes me sick to think we have so many great up-and-coming and even established artists locally who can’t land a sponsor, or even an interview yet we have this crap being highly run by media and corporates.”

At 3-years-old, I’m super impressed and think he totally deserved to win. The way he had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand is exactly what this competition is about. Do you think he deserved to win? Let me know in the comments section.

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