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Charlie Puth – One Call Away

One of our favourite songs of 2015 has to be the brilliant ‘Marvin Gaye’ from newcomer Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor. The song is still doing incredibly well on charts around the country but the American singer, who sang alongside Wiz Khalifa on the hit track ‘See You Again’ has premiered his brand new single ‘One Call Away’.

The song is a lot more pop than his smash collaboration with Meghan and the mid-tempo track shows off his beautiful vocals beautifully. The track is pretty simple and doesn’t push any boundaries but we think it’s the perfect follow-up before he releases his debut album ‘Nine Track Mind’ in November.

“My next single is called One Call Away and it’s more of a sentimental song that Marvin Gaye, but the two go hand in hand really well. It’s a couple of notches above mid-tempo and I think could make a great wedding song… it’s about falling in love,” Charlie said of the song. We totally see where he is coming from and, to be honest, if we hear Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ at another wedding, we might just go insane. We love the new music from Charlie Puth and we see big things for him in the future.

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