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Bouwer Bosch – Hopelik

Hopelik - Single 3

He’s a man who needs no introduction. Bouwer Bosch has already done big things for the local Afrikaans music industry. He thrived as the lead singer of Straatligkingers, he is a charismatic TV presenter and a hilarious comedian. He is currently working on his next solo record and has just released his brand new single Hopelik and it’s everything I hoped it would be.

Bouwer slows things down a bit with this record and shows us a different, more emotional side of him. Although essentially a ballad, the singer made sure to give the guitar-driven track an edge with a gentle, yet effective beat. The song really pulls on the heartstrings and it’s refreshing to see an artist pour so much emotion into what is essentially a pop song. “Hopelik is about being vulnerable. In a relationship, in my case my marriage, growth is important and to be vulnerable is important for yourself and the relationship,” Bouwer explains. “Honesty hurts and is one of the most difficult aspects of a relationship. To wear your heart on your sleeve is harder than you think. Hopelik is a song that challenges me to be vulnerable in my marriage and in my relationship with other people.”

I love the sound Bouwer has explored on this song and it proves that he is a true artist. Not only is he diverse, but he also uses a variety of methods to express himself artistically which is something many of us can learn from. The song has just been sent to radio so you can expect to hear it all over the airwaves soon. Remember to support local music and buy the song off iTunes today.

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