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Boity: The Actress

Over the past few years television presenter Boity Thulo has crawled into our hearts and while we’re used to seeing her on our screens, the star has given acting a try and boy is she working it! Boity made headlines for her portrayal of girly-girl Mpho in Mzanzi Magic’s hit show Rockville but as the second season premiered last month, it’s clear that Mpho’s life is about to be turned on it’s head – which provides some of the best local acting we’ve ever seen by the petite young star. This week, El sits down with Boity as they discuss the show, the Fergusons and her beautiful body.

Rockville’s first season was a huge hit! What was the vibe like on set as you all arrived to film the second season?

We were incredibly excited to be back to work. We all hadn’t seen each other in a while so it was extremely exciting. And we were looking forward to pulling off another great season.

Mpho has grown a lot since the show’s first episode. How did you start preparing your role and the scenes you’d have to act out?

We receive the script two weeks before shooting and we have a script reading session where we all basically read through the script, analyze our characters and get pointers and character briefings from the producers, writers and director.

Mpho’s world changes drastically in the second season, what was the toughest part of playing this new phase in her life?

There were quite a few scenes that I was completely personally unfamiliar with. For instance, my negative eulogy to my passed on father, etc. the level of vulnerability that I was thrown into was challenging but brilliant. I genuinely had a lot of fun with the character and it assisted a lot with the growth of my acting.

You share many scenes with Minnie Dlamini, what do you guys do between takes?

We either learn our lines, or roam around set and check out some scenes being shot but most of the time we are preparing for our next scenes.

The series has some huge names on the bill. Is there anyone who intimidates you?

I’m more inspired than I am intimidated by anyone. Everyone has been kind, helpful and inspirational. I’m the youngest on set so they treat me like a little sister/daughter and assist wherever they can in terms of my acting and delivery.

After playing Mpho on the show, has the acting bug hit you?

The acting bug has resided within me for years now. Rockville was an incredible platform to explore this bug. I plan to act for as long as I can, God willing. Hopefully you can expect to see more of my acting on the near future.

Working with Shona and Connie Ferguson must be absolutely incredible!

What a blessing it’s been to work with people of their caliber. To have been chosen to be a part of Rockville has been the highlight of my career and even more so getting the opportunity to act alongside people that I have looked up to for as long as I can remember. Working with the Fergusons has inspired me to work even harder and to try to be half as brilliant as they are at the craft.

Your body is absolutely exquisite. Share your secret with us!

It’s no secret! I attend sweat1000 which has genuinely transformed my body and, of course, use USN supplements which assist very well and work in conjunction with my routine and diet. Oh, and Lemon water…nature’s miracle drink! Best thing ever!

Catch Rockville, Sundays at 20h00 on Mzanzi Magic.

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