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Bobby Van Jaarsveld’s New Video For ‘Een Vir Een’

If there’s one person in the Afrikaans music scene I admire, it’s Bobby Van Jaarsveld. The dude is such a hard worker, loving family man and seems to go above and beyond for his fans. That, paired with a great voice and songs, has made him one of the biggest pop stars in the country. Bobby is busy promoting his latest album ‘Maak ‘n Wens’ and has chosen ‘Een Vir Een’ as the next single off the project. Bobby has just released the new video for the single which, for me, is one of the better tracks off the album. I’m glad Bobby toned it down with this song and has released something unique and identifiable. Bobby also sings a bit higher in this track which is nice to hear as many of his tracks are sung in a lower register. Oh, and just a suggestion for Bobby and Coleske Artists – GET YOUR MUSIC ONTO ITUNES! Well done on another smasher, Bobby!

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