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Ashlinn Gray’s ‘Battleships’ Video

18-year-old Ashlinn Gray is relatively new to the music scene but she has already made a big impact with her debut single ‘Battleships’. The track has been spinning on various stations across the country and the singer has finally released the track’s official music video.

The track is a lovely indie folk track which reminds us a lot of something Colbie Caillat would release. The track is fun and inspiring and it’s exactly what we need on our radio stations at the moment. “With my EP being built around light and dark, and Battleships being the biggest symbol of these two opposites, I wanted the music video to emphasis this theme,” she says. “What really makes this video special is that I was able to incorporate some of my favourite things in life: friends and family, celebration, and last but not least, sparklers. Having such a cohesive team behind the makings of the video has made the experience unforgettable and has produced a product I am proud of.”

Ashlinn is hard at work building her brand and we love seeing artists who are passionate about their craft take the industry this seriously. We’re digging this track so we can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve next.

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