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Ash – Ain’t Looking For Love (Feat. Buffalo Souljah)


If you still haven’t heard of newcomer to the local R&B scene, Ash, it’s time for you to crawl out from under your rock and join the party. He dropped his debut single Temporary Lover last year and as he puts the final touches on his upcoming debut studio album, he has teamed up with Buffalo Souljah for his second single, Ain’t Looking For Love.

We always believe that your second single must be stronger than your debut one if you want to make an impression, and this is certainly the case with Ain’t Looking For Love. Although we enjoyed Temporary Lover, this track shows us more of who Ash really is. Not only is the sound the direction we think he will flourish with, but it also shows off his vocals skills beautifully. We also like the fact that Ash puts a twist on the love song. Production-wise, the track is very simple, but it works. The hook is incredibly catchy and it’s clearly a radio hit.

Ash also brought Buffalo Souljah into the mix and he adds such a different element to the song which breaks up the many choruses in the track which could have sounded monotonous should his verse not have been there. This song makes me so excited about Ash and his debut and I can’t wait to see what he pulls out of his sleeve next.

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