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Alan Walker – Faded

Alan Walker

If you’ve haven’t heard Faded, the smash hit single from Norwegian EDM producer, Alan Walker, then there’s no doubt that you’ve been living under a rock. The track is currently sitting at number one on both the South African iTunes chart, number one on the iTunes Dance 100 chart and is currently the most shazammed track in the world – making this one hell of a huge tune!

Alan released the song as an instrumental back in 2014 under the title Fade, however, he decided to speed it up and add vocals by the talented Iselin Solheim which launched it to newer heights. It has since topped charts in South Africa, Sweden, Finland and Norway while charting in countries such as Italy, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and many more. The production is rather simple yet gives off a different energy that has made it stand out of the crowd.

As with many EDM tracks, the lyrical content of the song is rather cheesy but it’s perfect, mindless pop to sing loudly in your car or at the club. What’s really impressive, however, is that Alan has released a worldwide smash at only 18 so we can only imagine how many more tricks he has up his sleeve over the next few years. This will be played loudly this weekend.

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