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Al Bairre Premiere ‘Bungalow’ Video

Cape Town indie group Al Bairre have been hard at work over the past few years and their hard work is finally paying off as they release the official video to their brand new single Bungalow. I’ve heard of their music before but it was only recently that the group have piqued my interest. The new single is really fun and different and I love that about it. The lyrics to the song were written by Nic after a girl took him to a bungalow one night. He also recently moved to a beach location full of bungalows, so the title seemed fitting as a recurrent theme in his life. Nic also revealed that the inspiration behind the song was “the fact that all people grow up and things become serious at some point in life”. He describes his encouragement to write the song as bit of a depression concerning his relationships and thoughts on existentialism, and this song was a kind of ‘Wake up you selfish loser, life is pretty alright in the here and now!’ to himself. I love the arrangement of the track and the twins add such an awesome element to the chorus. Well done, guys!

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