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AKA, Burna Boy, DJ Clock & TiMO ODV – No!

How’s this for a local collaboration?! Rapper AKA, who’s girlfriend DJ Zinhle recently gave birth to their first child, Kairo, has teamed up with DJ Clock, TiMO ODV and Nigerian rapper Burna Boy for one of the most star-studded tracks we have heard in ages – a track called No!

The track is an interesting one. We can hear AKA’s signature sound, but there are heavy pop and African elements and sounds in the song, making this one incredibly unique track. The track also manages to cross the genre line and is something both the local pop and urban market will eat up. From catchy beats to clever lyrics, this song has everything needed to become a hit.

We love the fact that we are seeing such interesting collaborations between our artists and seeing exactly how they are taking risks and blurring genre lines, creating authentic African music. We are already obsessed with this track and we’re expecting to hear it at clubs and radios around the country very soon! Oh, and we predict a SAMA nomination for Best Collaboration, for sure! Well done, boys!

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