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ADAM & Daniel Baron – How

I love when like-minded creatives get into studio together and drop an epic collaboration. After the smash hit ‘Say What You Want’, pop group ADAM and singer Daniel Baron went into studio and dropped a collaboration EP called ‘Wild And Free’ which dropped last week. Now, they have officially chosen ‘How’ as the official second single off the project.

After the up-tempo lead single, it’s great to see that the boys went with a ballad. I love the chemistry that these guys have. Every part of the song sounds so in sync and it’s as if the boys have been performing with each other for years. Lyrically, the song is about finding your soul mate and that confused feeling of how you became so lucky having that person in your life. The song is beautifully romantic and speaks of a true romance – something everyone is looking for.

On first listen, the song lacked that punch but the more I listen to it, the more I can’t stop listening to it. ADAM and Daniel Baron have produced nothing less than world-class music and I’m thrilled they dropped an EP together. Remember to support local music and buy the song on iTunes today!

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