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5FM Apologizes For Axe Murderer Jokes; Cancels “Fresh or Vrot” Segment

Radio is a tricky medium. Especially a light-hearted station like 5FM. But this morning, the country was in an uproar after Sol Phenduka made some rather inappropriate comments about an axe murderer on the station’s morning show ‘Fresh @ 5’.

According to a press release from the station, Sol Phenduka, who features on the Fresh or Vrot segment of the show, where he highlights news that was either “fresh” or “vrot” during the week, talked about the murders of the van Breda family who were hacked to death in Stellenbosch. The only survivor was 16 year old daughter Marli van Breda. Sol referred to her survival as “fresh” because she was the only person who can identify her killer.

His comments, which included him saying she was “ gorgeous” and that he would “like to axe her out,” but that he “wouldn’t X her”, have been seen as insensitive, with social media accusing him of making jokes far too soon after such a tragic event.

Despite’s Sol’s apology on Twitter, 5FM management has decided to suspend both Sol as well as the show’s producer for three days. The station has also decided to pull the Fresh and Vrot feature completely from the show, effective immediately.

“5FM Management considers this morning’s Fresh and Vrot Feature on Fresh@5 to be in utterly poor taste and would like to apologise unreservedly for these comments. The station has suspended two members of the team and has decided that this morning’s broadcast of the Fresh and Vrot feature will be the team’s last.”

What are your thoughts about this morning’s happenings on 5FM? Let me know in the comment section below.

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