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5 Minutes With: Louise Carver

Her latest album ‘Say It To My Face’ has already spawned a few smash hit singles and it seems Louise Carver isn’t about to slow things down. Her incredibly unique voice has drawn the attention of some of the biggest producers in the world and Louise is pushing boundaries as she tours in some of the country’s most elegant places. I spoke to her about her music, tour and the future.

Your single with JR ‘You Think You Got It Easy’ has done well on radio. Tell us a bit about that single.

I wrote this song after a particularly sad break up. I had gone past the shock of it ending and was now in the angry phase, which you can hear in my lyrics. I wanted the pace of the song to show that I was no longer a victim but was starting to get my strength and power back. I asked JR to perform on the track, as we have been friends for a while and I knew his words would be light and quirky!

Will we be hearing more singles off ‘Say It To My Face’?

Yes, absolutely. We will be releasing the next single in about two months. It is my favourite song on the album.

You’re performing at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom at the end of the month. Why perform there?

I chose to work with the Hyatt Regency hotel, Rosebank for Indian Summer Nights, as it’s not only exquisite but also central and convenient. It’s recently been renovated and is just the luxurious type of venue I love performing at. Transport is not an issue for people coming from, say Pretoria, because the Gautrain is right there (and the hotel added in an amazing overnight deal – just R1550 per double room including breakfast!) And if you do drive, parking is underground and so easy, and the complimentary parking ticket in the goodie bag means no scrambling for coins afterwards. I really want to make this an easy, fabulous night out!

How do you prepare for a live gig? Lemon and Honey?

Yes Rooibos and honey, and an early night pre show if at all possible. And I don’t answer the phone on the day of the show – people can text, whatsapp or email me. You don’t realise how much louder you speak when you are on the phone – it tires the voice quite quickly.

What else can we expect from you over the next few months?

I have just signed a deal with a Russian record label and will be performing quite a bit over there this year. They have licensed ‘You think you got it easy’ plus other tracks of mine. Nicky Greenwall, my oldest friend, will be directing my upcoming music video for the new single, so I am very excited about that. I have been begging her for a while now as she has such a classy eye for detail! After Indian Summer Nights, I will be working on the next event for winter – Bastille Day – so you can just imagine the wine list I have in mind!! Where there is music, there must be wine!

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